Dr. Paul White

Dr. White is an innate artist and his medium of choice is sculpture. When he was in grade school he was even placed in a special art school for a time. He continued to paint and sculpt until he decided to go to medical school. Dr. White also has an extensive background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and studied acupuncture and holistic medicine before attending Western medical school. 

Despite becoming a holistic doctor, he decided to become a Medical Doctor because he wanted to become a surgeon- specifically a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. He became an OB/GYN and specialized in Urogynecology. He is one of the only such specialists in our region, and performs very customized surgeries to restore pelvic anatomy and function after the traumas that are largely due to pregnancy and childbirth. True to his artistic nature, Dr. White pursued a parallel track in aesthetic medicine.

He is extensively trained in cosmetic and rejuvenative procedures (such as botox, facial sculpture with fillers, lasers, body contouring, and non-surgical face lifts). He believes that one’s age-appearance should be able to match one’s Internal Age (the age a person actually feels themselves to be). He strives to help each person achieve this goal. He loves to see the transformation that occurs in his patient’s lives as they themselves transform back to their Internal Age. This is his passion. 

At Awaken, Dr. White has achieved his vision of creating a center where he can offer all his skills and talent to help every guest attain their personal dream of total wellbeing, while Awakening the best version of themselves.